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Childcare In The Suburbs

The Purpose Built Centre

Only the best for our little people!

The importance of providing quality early childhood education and care cannot be overestimated.

Liskowski Architects has a long history of collaborative partnerships with educational centres providing unique and excellent facilities. These range from concept design new build to alterations and additions to existing structures.  We have extensive experience with Councils, DECS and in meeting all necessary and desirable criteria to achieve successful Development Applications, Construction and Occupation Certificates.

Our designs include learning spaces which provide a sense of freedom, yet provide structure and order. Attention is given to all health and safety considerations, working within the parameters of the physical and practical yet resulting in harmonious and natural environs.

Our designs for early learning centres in the suburbs have resulted in many centres expressing the warmth of home in a well ordered and functional built environment. Outdoor play areas in particular incorporate many learning activities amidst fun inclusions such as sandpits, bike tracks and well shaded landscaped expanses.


The Purpose Designed Interior